Another Messi will not come to football in 100 years

This is a constant discussion who is the best footballer of all time? The controversy was earlier between football emperor Pel and Diego Maradona. Amid that controversy, someone has pulled Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo again. After Maradona’s death, many thought that the discussion would stop for a while. But were the key, the best debate is going on.

The last question to be asked was Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski. The Argentine newspaper Ole asked Polish striker Robert Lewandowski who was the best of the time. In answer to this question, Lewandowski praised Messi. “He’s a great player,” he told Oleke. Football is one of the best in history.

Lionel Messi

Lewandowski was instrumental in helping Bayern win domestic and European treble last season. He has scored 55 goals in all competitions. His side beat Messi Barcelona 8-2 on their way to winning the Champions League last season. Messi announced his departure from Barাa after that loss to Bayern.

Many have criticized Messi again, saying that Messi is no longer the Messi he used to be. Lewandowski thinks that the demand for people is much higher for a footballer like Messi, ‘I know the demand for people around him is immense. But what he has achieved in his career, is not possible for anyone else. ‘

Lewandowski then praised Messi, saying, “You may have to wait 100 years for someone like Messi to come. He is one of the best in football history in what he has done in his career. ‘

Lewandowski will fight with Messi for the 2020 FIFA World Player of the Year award. However, Messi is the favorite to get the award. The Ballon d’Or was not awarded this time due to the coronavirus epidemic. Bayern’s Polish striker Lewandowski was also a favorite for that award. “I know he wants to win it too,” Lefandowski said of competing with Messi at the FIFA World Cup. And that’s normal, that’s our job.

Lewandowski also paid tribute to the late legendary footballer Diego Maradona, ‘deeply saddened by his departure. There was a lot of pain after hearing this news which cannot be described. We all suffered a lot. But death is infallible. When he played, I was probably not even born. But I know very well what he did in the 1986 World Cup.


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