Brazil VS Argentina 10 Great Fight ( Updated News)

The Brazil-Argentina fight in football is a masterpiece. Extreme excitement and football fans split in two. Although the two eternal rivals will face each other in a friendly match tonight at midnight, the Brazilian coach has already informed Tito that there is no real ‘friendship’ in the fight between these two teams. The match between the two teams in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, can be traced back to the past. 10 moments in the history of the Brazil-Argentina fight can set fire to the blood of football fans as well as nostalgia. They can re-realize the essence of this 105-year-old duality.

Maradona’s Frustration, 1982

In the second round of the 1982 World Cup in Spain, Argentina faced Brazil in a survival match. That Brazil was Zico, the Brazil of Socrates. Argentina was no less talented. Diego Maradona has just begun to reign in the world of football. But in that World Cup match, Brazil adopted a somewhat controversial strategy to stop the talented Maradona. The Brazilian defense annoyed Maradona by fouling after a foul. Despite some negative tactics, Brazil went ahead 3-0 in the match. The country is leaving, he can do nothing. What did Maradona do in that match in frustration? Batista kicked the opponent. With 5 minutes left in the game, the referee did not tolerate Maradona’s behavior. He has quickly demonstrated a red card.

Brazil Argentina

Maradona-Canezia duet, 1990

In the 1990 Italy World Cup, Brazil faced Brazil again in the second round. Carreca, Alemao, Dunga, Branco, Mueller’s Brazil left Maradona’s game with Argentina almost one-sided. Maradona pulled a ball out of midfield in a single effort when the Brazilian team lost their way, frustrated and frustrated. Claudio Canizia pushed the four Brazilian defenders into the gap. Of course, with that one goal from Canizia, the farewell bell rang for Brazil from the second round of the World Cup in the nineties.

Batistuta, the heroin 5 red card matches, 1991

That was the match of the Copa America tournament. That exciting match in Santiago set that match on fire. The players of both teams were so excited that the referee had to show five red cards to control the game that day. However, the last laugh in that match was Argentina. Argentina won the match 3–2 with a superb goal from Gabriel Batistuta. Argentina later won the Copa America tournament.

Brazil’s victory in the handball debate, 1995

Argentina was also a favorite in the 1995 Copa. They face Brazil in the quarter-finals. Hardly this fight is overshadowed by some controversy. Brazil equalized in the 81st minute with a 1–0 deficit. The goal scored by Tulio Maravilha was controversial. There are allegations that Maravilha grabbed the ball with his hand while taking control of a cross from the right edge. However, it escaped the eyes of the referee. Brazil won the match 1-1 in a tiebreaker.

Argentina’s last win on Brazilian soil, 1998

Argentine fans will put this match in a little special place because that was Argentina’s last victory on Brazilian soil. Claudio Lopez’s moment will be a memorable match for the Argentine fans. Go ahead goalless At one point in the match, Lopez caught a ball from the left edge and caught the ball by evading the Brazilian defender Jr. Bayano.

Argentina’s dream break in Adriano, 2004

After 1993, Argentina came close to another Copa America trophy. They were also ahead of Kili Gonzalez’s goal in the final against Brazil. But in the 87th minute, Brazilian striker Adriano shattered Argentina’s dream. The match was tied at the tiebreaker. However, after winning the match in a tiebreaker, Brazil did not win another title.

Hernan Crespo’s Magic, 2005

It was a World Cup qualifier in Latin America. At the beginning of this century, just as Brazil had established itself as a strong team in the world of football, their biggest challenge came from Veron, Crespo’s Argentina. This is exactly how Argentina showed its strength in the 2006 World Cup qualifiers. Hernan Crespo’s pair of goals and Juan Roman Riquelme’s goal helped Argentina beat Brazil 3–1. Roberto Carlos scored the main goal for Brazil.

Brazil show at the Confederations Cup, 2005

In the final of the Confederations Cup, Brazil blew Argentina away. Ronaldinho-uncles seemed to have something divine that day. They could do what they needed to do. Within 18 minutes of the match, Kaka and Adriano’s goals gave Brazil a 2-0 lead. Ronaldinho’s 47th-minute goal and Adriano’s 63rd minute gave Brazil a 4-0 lead. Argentina’s Pablo Aymar returned a goal to Brazil that day in the face of a miserable rate.

The catastrophe of Argentina at the beginning of the Messi era 2007

Lionel Messi then moved to Argentina. But in the final of the Copa America, Argentina lost to Brazil. 3–0 goals per match. In the first 4 minutes, Brazil went ahead with the goal of Baptista. Dani Alvez and Ayala turned that ‘ahead’ into a match-winner. Argentina’s dream was once again shattered by Brazil in the Copa America.

Brazil saw Messi-magic 2012

But the match was not one-sided at all. Argentina won the 2012 friendly match 4–3. Lionel Messi made his hat-trick known to Brazil. Argentina’s other goal was scored by Fernandez. Three goals for Brazil were scored by Hulk, Romulus, and Oscar. With the scoreline 3–3, Messi completed his hat-trick in the 85th minute. Argentina is also guaranteed to win.


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