Dominant Nadal took part in Federer’s ’20’ (Updated)

The Spanish tennis legend has battled Novak Djokovic multiple times on the court. In the open era, the unit has never seen more matches than this. Is there anything left to know the powers and deficiencies of both of them? What else can be a surprise in this match!

Rafael Nadal

Djokovic has lost just once in 38 matches before this year. That loss also accidentally hit Lionswoman in the fourth round of the US Open. Nobody could beat the Serbian tennis star while playing on the court.

Rafael Nadal made that Djokovic an ‘amateur’ in Roland Garo today!

In the final of the French Open, Djokovic-Nadal fight, if he wins, Nadal will have 20 Grand Slams equal to Roger Federer in the record of winning the most Grand Slams in the boys’ singles … There was a call for something classic! In just 2 hours and 41 minutes of that match, Nadal defeated Djokovic 6-0, 6-2, 7-5.

Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slams has been touched, and the 34-year-old Spanish star is also the milestone of 100 wins at his own “permanent settlement” French Open. But yesterday’s match was Nadal’s 102nd in Roland Garo! It has been 15 years since Nadal played his first match in Roland Garo, and his winning rate there is 98.04 percent!

That is the reason Nadal didn’t state after the match, ‘Roland Garo is everything to me. I have burned through the vast majority of the main moments of my tennis career here, no doubt about it. The game is a big inspiration to me here. This shah, my love story with this court, will never be forgotten. Much thanks to you all particularly for that. ‘

Roland Garo is his ‘home’, and Federer’s history is in front of him … Did Rafael Nadal have the murderous mentality of tearing down Djokovic? Maybe. Otherwise, what could be the explanation for not getting Djokovic in the first two sets like this! Nadal won the first set 6-0 game! Win all the games of the set! The two have met so many times, but never before has Nadal received such a ‘bagel’ against Djokovic!

Djokovic’s little ‘improvement’ in the second set. This time 6-2. Djokovic felt like winning the game for the first time in the eighth game of the match, twice in the first 90 minutes. The third set was a little competitive. In the fifth game, Nadal broke the Joker’s serve, and in the sixth game, Djokovic countered. Nadal’s serve broke for the first time in the match. One last time. In the 11th game, Nadal broke Djokovic’s serve for the eighth time in the match, the title in the next set! Nadal is 13th in the French Open. Obviously, this is likewise a record!

“You’ve shown why you’re the king of the earthen court,” Djokovic said with a smile at the end of the match. However, Djokovic has no regrets about losing this way. “The match was hard for me today. Of course, I’m not very happy with the way I’ve played. But I must have lost to a very good player on the court today. ‘

And Nadal? Even at the time of touching the story of his fellow Federer, there was more love for Roland Garo than that excitement in his speech, ‘A very challenging year has passed. Winning here is a lot for me. Honestly, I didn’t think of touching Roger today in the 20th (20th Grand Slam) or this great number. As far as I might be concerned, today is simply one more day to win one more title at Roland Garo.


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