England left the Indian bowlers dancing (Updated )

‘Wonder, why are they angry?’

The Indian bowlers had to borrow this dialogue from the play ‘Aaj Rabibar’. India was well in the match till 30 overs. England scored 194 runs for 1 wicket. England needs more than 7 per over. England could not score 6 runs per over with 9 wickets in hand after the storm started in the first ODI. Who knows that something like that will not happen today? So India as well in the match.

That thought vanished in the next five overs with a bang. Johnny Bairstow made the start. Bairstow got a century by beating Kuldeep Yadav with a deep mid-wicket. The next one is the Ben Stokes show. Kuldeep hit one four and six in that over. Stokes hit three sixes off three balls in the first over. Krunal Pandya made three sixes and one four in the next over Stokes made 28 runs! Bairstow picked up 15 runs in the next over of the famous Krishna. England won the match by 87 runs in 5 overs.

England cricket team

Then the drama happened again. Attempts to bring a little drama by losing 3 wickets in just 2 runs did not work. England reached the target of 337 runs in Pune with 6 wickets and 39 balls in hand. The three-match arrangement is presently tied at 1-1. The two teams will play a series-determining match on March 28 at the same venue.

The match was made one-sided and re-arranged in that way – all thanks to Stokes. Jason Roy still plays positive cricket like in the previous match. He’s run out of 55 off 52 balls could have brought danger. But Stokes played the way the opening pair of 110 runs needed to play.

Stokes has confirmed that the batting will not collapse like in the previous match. The way he controlled the pace of the innings was unbelievable. Made 6 runs in the first 10 balls. He made 11 runs in the next 10 balls. Attempts were made to reduce the gap between the run and the ball. Byss picked up 17 more runs in the next 10 balls. Stokes, however, got a life with 32 runs. Although the third umpire did not give him a run-out, the decision is quite controversial. From 34 off 30 balls, Stokes reached 50 just 10 more balls later.

Before Stokes passed 50, however, Bearstore became a century. In the previous match, the team could not win even after scoring 94 runs from 66 balls. Today, he did not bat in such a way as to leave everything behind. However, when he reached the century in the first ball of the 31st over, the number of balls was less than the run. Bairstow has scored the 11th century of his ODI career with 95 balls. In his ODI career, however, Bairstow has played the ball more than once in a century.

Bairstow still could not hold anyone’s attention. Meanwhile, Stokes has taken the storm. The all-rounder hit a six in that over by Kuldeep Yadav and reached fifty. Left-arm leg-spinner later scored a hat-trick of sixes. But Krunal Pandya is well aware of his violence. In the first ODI, the elder made an ODI debut like a dream. Today it has turned into a nightmare. The first ball of the 34th overflew with a long-off. Wide went to throw the next ball out of the off and sat down. The pressure on me increased even more. If you see the replay of the next ball, you will want to hide your face in shame.

Went to force the ball. The speed also increased a lot. About 109 kilometers per hour. But to increase the speed, Krunal threw the ball in the middle of the wicket. Stokes caught the ball with a medium pacer’s short ball, 4 runs. The next ball was also much out of force. It could have been wide, but Stokes hit the bat and took 2 more runs. The next ball again tried to give the yorker quite off. This time Stokes did not step into that trap, wide. He came round the wicket to change the bowling angle. There was no profit, again sixes. The next ball flew across the border. Stokes said the last ball of the over was just right at-bat. However, he got 2 runs for evading the wicketkeeper. L 28 runs in one over.

In the 35th over, Krishnar got the strike again after the storm of Bearstore ended. With the first ball, the ball ran past Bhubaneswar to the boundary. Stokes hit 50 off 40 balls with 99 runs. He has played only 11 balls after passing 50. 99 runs from 51 balls, now just waiting for a century. It is no longer possible for England to hold the record for the fastest century. However, Stokes could have been at least three after Joss Butler in the first two places.

Then the drama started. Stokes caught Rishabh Pant while hooking up Bhubaneswar Kumar’s bouncer. A potential century turned into despair for one run. Stokes made 49 runs in 6 sixes and 2 fours in the last 12 balls. The previous 40 balls also had 4 sixes and 2 fours. Stokes looked up at the sky and left the field saying ‘sorry’.

The drama is not over yet. Famous Krishna got the ball again in the next over. Bairstow had scored 15 runs in the previous over by beating him. He took revenge on the first ball. He hit the ball. Bairstow also played the cover drive well. But unfortunately, the shot was with Kohli on the cover. Bairstow returned with 124 runs off 112 balls with 11 fours and 7 sixes.

England needs 50 runs from 83 balls. 7 wickets in hand. Even in this situation, there was nothing to worry about the match. But Krishna forced him to start thinking. Jos Butler, a great yorker, returned empty-handed. England lost 3 wickets for 2 runs. But will it collapse again like the first ODI? David Malan and anointed Liam Livingstone no longer submitted plays. The duo finished the match with a pair of 50 runs from 41 balls.

Earlier, India got the same score as they did in the series. After two openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan returned quickly, Virat Kohli and Lokesh Rahul made the innings. Kohli (66) returned with a 121-run stand in the 32nd over but India was not out; On the contrary, Rahul has become more aggressive by getting Rishabh Pant as his partner. The duo made a pair of 113 runs from 77 balls. Rahul (108) left the team with 271 runs. India scored 336 for 6 off Pant’s 77 off 40 balls and Hardik Pandya’s 35 off 16 balls. At that time the target seemed to be a mountain. But with 39 balls in hand, England’s victory proved to be a big mistake.


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