Federer or Nadal – who is the best of all time in the world?

The debate is never-ending. Yet the controversy arises, will rise, will probably continue like this. This one of the sports is fun. Many are assuming that the debate on the question of who is the best is eternal. Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal? Answer: It is normal for the world to be divided into two parts. Boris Baker stood right in the middle of it. The German, a six-time Grand Slam winner, tried his best to pick the best of all time. Yet what could be done! Rather, there could be controversy over Boris’s views.

However, these two sides of the tennis coin stand side by side in one place. These two legends have won 20 Grand Slams, equal to the number of Grand Slam wins. Nadal touched Federer by winning the French Open a few days ago. Boris Baker has tried to choose the best by dissecting their game strategy. In his column in the Daily Mail, Baker gave Federer-Nadal a score out of 10 on every aspect of the game, forehand, backhand, volley, serve.

Rafael Nadal Roger Federer.

Forehand (full value 10)

Federer (9): This shot of his brings back the memories of the eighties. Without a western grip (catching the racket) the ball can be pulled without lifting too much. It’s a devastating shot from anywhere on the court. However, Rafa does not have the monstrous power in this shot.

Nadal (10): Unique shot. Can hit with racket head, has follow-through. It has the same power as the shot. Even after reading the ball, it got comparatively more. There is no pair in response to the opponent’s backhand shot.

 Backhand (full value 10)

Federer (8): Old-school shot of tennis. The technique is old but classic. And Federer is a very loyal and efficient servant of this shot. He is very good at this shot on the fast court. The way he bends the ball in the backhand is better than his opponent.

Nadal (8): Not much, even 10 years ago he had a weakness in this shot. The variety was low. But in the meantime, he has made incredible progress. Rafa gets a little advantage to take this shot as he can use both hands in parallel. His shot was impeccable in Sunday’s (French Open) final win.

Volley (full value 10)

Federer (10): The combination of his hands and eyes is great. The ball shows in advance where to throw the volley, where to hit – it can do very well. He has been accustomed to playing in front of the net since the beginning of his career, so he is uniquely skilled in this shot.

Nadal (9): Rafa also has a good hand and eye coordination. I think I know why in this shot he was put back a little without any reason. The baseline is the place of his kingdom, but the way he plays in front of the net, any other player will want to get it.

Serv (full value 10)

Federer (9): Incredibly perfect. He knows where to throw it.  His tactics are difficult for opponents to understand. His second serve is also classical, very smooth. Looks like it can do without any force.

Nadal (8): Another place where Rafa has improved in the last 10 years, he has made great strides here in the meantime. He had a weakness here before. He has had to put a lot of effort into mastering the strategy of making the service stronger, faster which is a big plus point for him.

Movement (full value 10)

Federer (9): Clearly, he can’t do as much now as he did 10 years ago. Yet at this age he is incredible. Looks like she’s dancing. He reached the right place by stepping on the small speed.

Nadal (10): Such a movement with a muscular body like him is unbelievable. It was seen in the final on Sunday. The way he played from behind the ball from scattering is unbelievable but real.

All-rounder (full 10)

Federer (10): His weakness can be talked about in the clay court. But on the grass-court, he must be ahead. How can you refrain from giving 10 marks to a person who has won a total of 20 grand slams in various courts?

Nadal (10): Yes, he has won most of the Grand Slams on clay courts. But he has won Wimbledon twice. He has won the US Open four times in nine years. There is also the Australian Open title. He deserves number 10.

Murder mentality (No. 10)

Federer (10): It may not be as good as it used to be at the best time of his career. So don’t be fooled by Federer’s attitude! He is a ruthless competitor. While doing the job, the smile on his face is a little more than Rafa’s – that’s it!

Nadal (10): More than the pages of an open book. Steel determination appeared in his eyes. He has an extraordinary ability to concentrate for a long time.

Durability (full value 10)

Federer (10): Even at the age of forty, there is no question about one of the best. I still believe he can win more Grand Slams. Especially Wimbledon – otherwise he would not have continued the game.

Nadal (9): It looks unbelievable, even at this age he is holding the edge of the game. We do not know what will happen to him now that he is 39 years old. But I think with his incredible professionalism, his lifestyle, and a quick recovery from the injury he will be able to play for some more time.

Popularity (full 10)

Federer (10+): A sports legend, ambassador. Probably considered the most famous person in the world. You can put Michael Jordan or Mohammad Ali next to you. Maybe people like him more than Rafa. But it is an incredible measure of popularity.

Nadal (10): Rafa first met him when he was 14 years old. To be honest, he hasn’t changed that much. People love him for his simplicity, modesty, and respect for others. Everyone praised him incredibly.

Boris Baker’s analysis

                                        Federer     Nadal

Forehand                               9        10

Backhand                             8          8

Volley                                  10         9

Serv                                     9          8

Movement                          9          10

All-rounder                        10         10

Killer mentality                  10         10

Durability                           10         9

Popularity                          10 +     10

Total                                  85        84

Boris Baker gave Roger Federer a total of 85 points. Rafael Nadal got 84 points. This could be debated at least until January. Because then two legends will get a chance to play in the Australian Open. If one of the two wins the title, he will be ahead at least in the number of titles.

But that’s just numbers, if we talk about the game, this debate will probably last until the last day of the world.


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