Gil has been prepared by playing 250 over bouncers a day

Along with the fast bowler’s reign in Brisbane. Australia’s fast bowlers have been behind the loss of Gabba for 32 years. Shubman Gill did not do what the fastest bowler in Australia did on that wicket! Especially the bouncers handled effortlessly!

How did Gill become so fluent against bounce, against fast bowlers? The appropriate response was given by his dad Lakhinder Singh. Lakhinder has prepared his son for international cricket by playing 1500 bouncers a day. 1500 balls, that means 250 overs!

On the fifth day, when India reached the target of 328 runs, Mitchell Starc came down to target the opponent with speed. The result is the opposite. Gill handled Stark effortlessly. This pacer was not found properly.

Shubman Gill

In one over of Stark, Gill showed all his powers of pool, hook, punch, and cut. The opener took 20 runs in one over showing all the skills to handle a fast bowler. Despite winning a great innings match by Rishabh Pant, Gilley has shown India the dream of victory.

Cheteshwar Pujara was India’s biggest hope in the tour. He handled nearly a thousand balls to disappoint the Australian fast bowlers. But he was not very comfortable saying short. He has been injured 11 times, but Gill is against the fast pacers. Gill scored 91 runs in Brisbane, showing the skill of playing shot effortlessly on the back foot. The 21-year-old opener managed to catch everyone’s eye even though he did not score a century.

With the spectacular innings of playing for the first time on Australian soil, the surprise wakes up. Everyone is impressed with Gill’s relaxed batting, especially against the bounce. Gill’s father, however, is claiming the credit for his performance on the back foot or back foot. “I have played 1500 short balls a day for him since he was 9 years old,” said Lakhinder Singh.

Gill tasted victory in his Test debut. He left the field unbeaten to ensure the team’s victory in the match. He met his first fifty in Sydney. The first international century was missed in Brisbane for a while. However, the future of Indian batting is being captured in what he has done. Lakhinder’s words show how determined he was to make his son a cricketer.

Charpai or khatiya is known in South Asia as comfortable furniture. Gill’s father also used those fours in his son’s cricket education, saying, “I used to throw the ball on all fours to teach him to handle fastballs. The ball shortens faster after falling on all fours. He also played with stumps instead of bats. Most of Shubman’s shots have become a habit of playing between the bats. I used to practice him more on Matt wicket. The extra bounce available on the matte forces you to get in line quickly and get to the right position. Batsmen who play on matte wickets are accustomed to playing on the back foot, which is essential for top-level cricket. ‘

Cricket-crazy Shubman since childhood. Father Lakhinder himself is a cricket lover. He could not fulfill his dream due to a lack of proper guidance. He has lived a life of despair. He did not get a taste of the life of a professional cricketer as he did not have the facilities or the courage to use his skills. In the case of the boy, he did not want to see imperfections. So Lakhinder allowed his son to focus on cricket. Her favorite toy since childhood was the plastic bat. Seeing his interest in the game, I trained him myself. ‘

Lakhinder told the Times of India how much he had sacrificed for his son. He lived in Chakkherawala, a small village in the Fazilka district of Punjab. There was no suitable environment to be a cricketer. His dream of becoming a cricketer has not been fulfilled, Lakhinder has moved to the city with his entire family to make his son a cricketer. He has built a house next to the cricket stadium in Mohali.

Why? So that Shubman can stay in cricket day and night, ‘Our village is 300 km away from Mohali. But there were no proper facilities. So we brought him to Mohali. We are here; Because I thought he would get a better chance here. ‘

Shubman got the opportunity to get admission to Mohali Cricket Academy. The game also came in handy in the practice of the best fast bowlers in Punjab. But his father also kept a close watch. Forced to play 1500 balls or 250 overs short ball on that day. Adding to that the calculation of ordinary length ball games or other exercises makes the number unbelievable. Almost unimaginable!


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