He did not get a chance because he did not agree to be naked

The W series started last year due to the low participation of women in the highest level of motorsport, especially in Formula One. This single-seat motorsport competition is for women.

Emma Kimilainen is the driver of this series. Finnish driver Emma Kimilinen once left this motorsport competition of love. After so many days, Kimilainen explained his main reason.

Emma Kimilainen

Kimilainen, 31, left motorsport for a sexist sponsorship.

Kimilainen had previously received an offer to join the Indy Lights series once in 2010 in open-wheel driving.

Approved by the US auto racing authority Indica, the series is the culmination of Road to Indie. Kimilainen was then waiting for a chance in Formula One.

Among them is a proposal from a team from Indy Lights, an organization that wants to sponsor him. He was not told the name of the organization then.

Kimilainen talks about this in the Sikani Formula One podcast. He talked about it there. The Portuguese media ‘Record’ quoted him as saying, ‘A lot has happened in my career. I (Indy Lights) was preparing for the performance for the team, but I wanted to know more about it by opening up to them (sponsors). ‘

According to Spanish media outlet Marca, Kimilinen learned during the talks that his sponsor was a boys’ magazine.

Kimilainen will only be able to sign for the team, provided she poses nude and in a bikini for their cover. According to Kimilainen, he knew nothing about it at the time.

They (the racing team) said they could not reach an agreement with the sponsors on some issues. In the beginning, they (the team) talked about giving pictures wearing bikinis. But then they sit around looking at nude (upper body) pictures. I wanted to know what happened. When I found out that my sponsor was a sex magazine for boys, I didn’t do it immediately, ”he said in the Sikani Formula One podcast.

Kimilainen thinks such proposals may seem “irrational” and “wrong” these days. But 10 years ago the world — especially women’s rights and equality was different.

Kimilainen finished fifth in the 2019 W series. Due to the Corona epidemic, the W series did not roll out this year.

According to the driving media ‘Jalopnik’, Kimilainen did not direct the Indy series team after that incident. He said he would not expose the body to make a deal to get a chance in the team.

Kimilainen then stayed away from motor racing for four years. With the unwavering support of the fans in these 10 years, he seems to be speechless, ‘I can’t express in words the amount of support I have received. I will not talk about what would have happened if I had done it in my career. My journey is not over yet. Let’s get on the race!


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