How can anyone tell him that Maradona is gone forever!

Argentina’s success in the 86th World Cup came in the hands of these two. If Diego Maradona is the key to Argentina’s success on the field, then Carlos Billardo has always pointed out the formula for winning the world from off the field. The relationship between the two was like an ideal guru-disciple. Maradona wrote in his autobiography, El Diego, that Maradona was the favorite of seventy-eight coach Cesar Luis Menotti, as was Mario Kempes.

Carlos Billardo has not yet been notified of the death of his beloved. Lest you get sick more! Can an 82-year-old heart mourn the death of someone very close to the heart?

That’s why Billardo’s health is not good. The former coach was infected with coronavirus a few days ago. A source close to Billardo’s family confirmed the news to Reuters. However, his brother Jorge Billardo later said the information was incorrect. A year ago, it was reported that the incurable Hakim-Adams syndrome had taken root in Billardo’s brain. That’s why the legend was admitted to the hospital for service surgery.

Diego Maradona

This coach, whose condition has not improved much, has to be watched a lot. Maradona’s death has not been reported to Belardo for 10 days, though he fears he will not be able to handle the news.

Billardo, who is addicted to television, is not allowed to watch TV, for the time being, said his brother Jorge. The news that Maradona will come into the media in a few more days is a normal story. Two days, four days, twenty days. That’s why it’s getting harder for him (Billardo) to watch TV. He watches a lot of games on TV, watches different programs. ‘

Jorge plans to convey the news to Billardo. The news of Maradona’s death will be specially given to Billardo rather than rushing to watch TV. What is that way?

“I’ve already talked to some of the eighty-six World Cup-winning members,” Jorge told Argentine media outlet Cello Sports. Among them is defender Oscar Ruggerio. Several people will go to meet him (Billardo). He will be informed about the matter there.

The depth of the Maradona-Billardo relationship is clearly understood in George’s next words, “Maradona has a lot to do with his (Billardo’s) life that is still unknown to us. Claudia Viafan’s (Maradona’s ex-wife) father Coco Viafan has been known to us for a long time. My wife goes shopping at the mall with Claudia, still remembering buying clothes for the girls. Not long ago Caria came to see Billardo.

Not only Maradona but also Argentine left-back Jose Luis Brown, who had previously scored in the 8th World Cup, is still remembered.

Billardo, who has played as a midfielder in his playing career, has played for San Lorenzo, Deportivo Espanyol, and Estudiantes. In addition to Argentina, the coaches were Colombia, Libya, and Guatemala. He also coached Sevilla, Estudiantes, and Boca Juniors. Carlos Billardo has been living in a nursing home in Buenos Aires since 2018. He also had to take intensive care as he was diagnosed with Hakim-Adams Syndrome in 2019.


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