How is Maria Sharapova’s new life? (Updated News)

How old was he then? He cut his 33rd birthday cake last April. This is also an age to retire!

But at this age, Maria Sharapova thought, a lot has happened, not on the tennis court anymore. The golden-haired Russian beauty announced last February that she would no longer be seen on the tennis court.

What happened in the world in these ten months! A bad dream called Corona came and enclosed the world by a sheet of fear. By overcoming that fear, people are trying to return to normal life. At the end of the nightmare, with the call of the golden dawn, some vaccines have already come.

Among the big tournaments in tennis, only the US Open and the French Open have been held, and the French Open has been postponed by two points due to Corona. Where tennis was less discussed, how did Sharapova come to the discussion from not tennis! What is Sharapova doing now after giving up tennis? In a recent interview with Ink magazine, Sharapova, a five-time Grand Slam winner, shared some ideas.

Maria Sharapova

Of course, Sharapova was not in the discussion at all. It has made occasional headlines in the international media. Speak about rubbing salt to my injuries – d’oh! Not only as a tennis player but also as a model, Russian tennis girls have appeal. And to stay in the discussion, he has an Instagram account with about 41 lakh followers! The presence of Sharapova is regularly felt there.

And the Instagram of ten celebrities is no longer a means of posting pictures, communicating with fans, there are also accounts of sponsorship. There are also many pictures of Sharapova, including the name of the company that sponsored her.

Apart from this, some companies have invested in their own business or jointly! Today you are giving pictures of the products of this organization, then tomorrow you will give pictures of another organization. Apart from this, during this time of the epidemic, sometimes he climbed the mountain, sometimes he went near nature and enjoyed the time, his favorite ‘Masha’ of his fans.

When Sharapova announced her retirement last February, it was clear she could no longer bear the brunt of her much-suffered right shoulder injury. In an interview with Inc. magazine, Sharapova said the decision was the right one, “I asked myself this question many times in the months leading up to my retirement. In that case, you have to understand yourself, see what you are feeling, what your body or mind is saying. ‘

The attraction of life outside of tennis also influenced her decision, said Sharapova. For many years I have focused on this game alone, I have worked hard to succeed here. ‘

After leaving the game, a new horizon has been opened for him. He has long since opened an international confectionery brand called Sugarpova, which he owns 100%.

Apart from this, Sharapova is now working to open the way for others to do business. Sharapova invests in companies that have business ideas, but lack investment.

In that case, his advice to entrepreneurs who take business ‘ideas’ is, ‘present your company most genuinely. I like to see the entrepreneurs who come up with business offers get nervous. At that moment, they are in the most delicate situation. But to see how they get out of there, how they challenge themselves. What is inside them is best understood. ‘

Sharapova recently invested in bodybuilding company Therabody. The company also has a popular portable massage device called Theragan. Besides, Sharapova has invested ৯ 900,000 in Bala Bangles, a garment manufacturer, during a joint exercise with Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a team of the American Basketball League (NBA).


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