Maradona would have survived if he had played for Juventus!

Diego Maradona means two kinds of pictures. Nature has given him unselfish hands. He did not spare any effort to show it, the rhythm of his feet kept everyone confused. Whether or not there was ever anyone around him with football talent, he goes on to discuss. The other side gave rise to a little uncomfortable discussion. Even in a whimsical, uncontrollable lifestyle, he had very few rivals. That life has influenced him to say goodbye to everyone on November 25 with tears in his eyes.

Maradona photo

Was capricious, was stubborn. As a result, Barcelona released him after taking him to the team after many battles. He went to Napoli and found his own house. He loved the club and the city of Naples with all his heart. The city that has seen success in his touch also loves him like crazy. But this love happened yesterday. Maradona would still be alive if he played for Juventus without going to Napoli. Antonio Cabrini has made such a demand.

Cabrini was in Serie A at the time of Maradona. The defender, who plays for Juventus, has won the World Cup for Italy. Serie A won in front of Maradona. He has seen the power of legend from the front. But his idea was that Maradona was just as frustrating on the field as he was off the field. Uncontrolled life has brought its doom. After receiving the news of his death, Irpinia went on TV and said, “He is a living legend and a great gentleman as an opponent. Like many other champions, he could give his best and budget at the same time. On the field, Maradona could have won the match alone and would have won the match of his life if he had been in another environment. That match ended very quickly. If he had come to Juventus, maybe he would still be with us. Because of the environment there saved him. Not the club, the club environment. ‘

Cabrini thinks that the main reason behind this is the passion of the people of Naples. According to him, the strong independence he gained in Napoli was the reason for Maradona’s loss. They have pretended not to see the behavior of the best player in the history of the club. They did not object to the use of drugs. And that had a long-term effect on Maradona’s health, ‘The love of the people of Naples was pure and intense but it was sick. Naples loved him like crazy, it was sick love. It’s a lot like a mother’s love, a child who made a mistake would not be punished. Maradona means football and Naples chose him. No matter how many mistakes he made, he was revered as an angel. ‘

After leaving Napoli in 1991, the people of Naples fell in love with him. The club has won two league titles. He also won the Europa League. The club has never seen such success. After the death of the legend, Naples decided to change the name of the stadium. Residents of the city are furious to hear such talk about their beloved son. Cabrini changed his tune after seeing the situation strangely, saying that his words had been misinterpreted, ‘You have all misunderstood me. I am not talking about the morality of a city, but about the way of life in the city, which could not control this emotion. I thought the calm atmosphere I got at Juventus could control him. I apologize if anyone is offended by my words.


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