Maradona’s game ‘Best Scene in the World’ (Updated)

What Diego Maradona, how much he took place in the hearts of people, all of this appeared again after his death. There is nothing new to say that he can take himself from certain regions or ethnicities. One of the biggest stars of all time in football history, this star will forever remain in the minds of people as unnecessary football legends.

Maradona also elevated himself above the eternal Brazil-Argentina rivalry. That was conceivable in light of his phenomenal ability. There were not many individuals who were not intrigued by his game. Even his opponents have said many times that they enjoyed his extraordinary ball play as an opponent. Some said that Maradona could kill a particular team with his ball game, even the football player playing on the team was handed over to praise Maradona’s talent.

Diego Maradona

Brazil’s World Cup-winning captain Kafu, for example. Maradona’s work with the ball seemed to him the best scene in the world.

Maradona is a true legend to him. According to him, football seems to have lost a great magician when Maradona left, ‘No doubt, Maradona is one of the best of all time. Only two of the best players of all time in football, one Dieguito (Kafu used to call Maradona by this name), the other Pele.

Kafu sees Maradona’s ball play a little differently, ‘When Maradona took the ball on his feet, it felt like he was caressing a small child. As soon as Maradona took the ball to his feet, it seemed as if he was holding the ball like a child. He used to make fun of the ball. Many people play football, but how many can have fun with the ball?

According to Kafur, football seemed to lose its magical touch with Maradona’s death, “For those of us who are fans of Maradona, watching Maradona play was an incredible thing. The best thing in the world. I remember a game. He scored a set piece from inside the box against Juventus as if he had fondly sent the ball into the goal. We mourn his death not just because we lost a football star, but because we lost a football magician, an artist. “

Pele’s Instagram post is also the biggest proof that Maradona has taken himself above the Brazil-Argentina rivalry. The man with whom he was constantly compared, Pele Maradona wrote on Instagram after his death how great a legend the late Argentine was, ‘Many have compared Maradona to me all my life. Who among us is the best, has wasted time in this debate. Maradona was a magician, a legend. He was an excellent companion of mine.. His lionheart was unique. This world would be more beautiful if he were a little less than me. If only we could fill each other with more praise.


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