Match Referee’s Reminiscences About Maradona’s ‘Hand Of God’

The 1986 World Cup was Maradona’s World Cup. And that World Cup has been discussed and criticized for the sake of Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’.In the quarter-finals of that World Cup, the world saw two dazzling goals from Maradona.

One of them was the controversial goal ‘Hand of God’. The Argentine star scored the second goal just 4 minutes later. That goal was later voted the best in FIFA World Cup history. Tunisian referee Ali bin Nasir was an eye witness to those two historic goals.

Diego Maradona

He was the match referee for the World Cup quarter-final between England and Argentina. Ali bin Nasir, 76, is proud to have played in the historic match.

 Recalling the controversial “Hand of God” goal, Ali bin Nasir said he had no choice. He was interviewed by the BBC after Maradona’s death.

Regarding the ‘Hand of God’ goal, Bin Nasir said that the assistant referee Bogdan Dochev of Bulgaria was more responsible for the decision of that goal. Because he is the one who saw the incident the best. I was a little skeptical at first. However, the decision to score the goal had to be upheld as Deutsche did not signal the handball.

However, Bin Nasir was praised for the second goal.

“Diego from midfield was moving the ball forward with extraordinary skill,” he said. I kept a close eye on him. If Maradona had the ball at his feet, no referee could take his eyes off him. Because he was repeatedly admitted to fouls. At that time, three English players tried to foul him but did not succeed. Maradona scored the goal that day by pulling the ball along with an indomitable will. I think it’s only possible for him. “

Referee Nasir added: “Until the moment I reached the box, I gave Maradona the ‘advantage’, not the foul whistle. Repeatedly, I thought the defenders would throw him out. I was even ready to blow the penalty whistle. ‘

Nasir thinks he has helped Maradona in this historic goal.

“That moment will be remembered by me forever,” he said. If I had caught a foul in the first three attempts, the world would have been deprived of seeing that extraordinary goal. ‘

Ali bin Nasir met Maradona in 2015. Maradona then presented the Tunisian referee with a signed jersey.


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