Messi-Ronaldo, not Neymar in FIFA year (Updated)

Neymar scored an extraordinary hat-trick against Istanbul Basaksehir last Wednesday. Then the question arose on social media — is Neymar the best player in the world at the moment? Some even opened the polls to determine who is the best.

In the question of the best, one must be different. In the eyes of some, Lionel Messi is the best, in the eyes of others, Cristiano Ronaldo. Robert Lewandowski, who has had a great year in the eyes of some, is the best in the world at the moment, so in the eyes of some, Neymar is the worthy claimant of the award. Some put Mohamed Salah ahead, so many do not agree to keep Sadio Mane behind.

Messi Ronaldo Neymar

But these are personal opinions, a FIFA nomination of those from whom the award came, in the end, will disappoint Brazil-PSG or Neymar-fans. This time, FIFA did not put Neymar in the final nomination of the best three footballers of the year.

Messi-Ronaldo is fine even if Neymar is left out. Like the last 10-12 years, this time to the two of them have a bright presence. Lewandowski will fight with these two this time.

There is a lot of talk about the award for the best football of the year. The Ballon d’Or, France’s Player of the Year award, was not awarded this time because Corona said football was not the same in all countries. The French league is not completely over. However, Lewandowski received the UEFA Footballer of the Year award.

Didn’t get it – or why! Leva has spent a dazzling year. He has won the league, the Champions League, and the German Cup trophy for Bayern. He has done goal after goal. He scored 34 goals in 31 matches in the league last season, 12 in 9 matches this time. He scored 15 goals in the Champions League last season, 3 in 4 matches in the group stage.

Compared to him, the year of Messi and Ronaldo has been much duller. Although Ronaldo has won the Italian league, which has become Juventus’ ‘permanent settlement’, Messi did not win anything last season. Messi is the top scorer in the league with 25 goals last season. But the timing of Barcelona’s Argentine forward in front of goals this season is not going very well. He has the distinction of scoring 4 goals in 10 matches. Last season, Messi scored 3 goals in 8 matches in the Champions League, this time he has scored 3 goals in 4 matches.

And Ronaldo? Despite winning the league, he did not receive the highest goal scorer award in the Italian league last season. Ronaldo scored 31 goals, with Chiro Immobile of Lazio being the top scorer with 35 goals. This time, however, the dazzling form Ronaldo in the league has scored 8 goals in 6 matches. Ronaldo scored 4 goals in 8 matches in the Champions League last season, this time 4 goals in 4 matches.

Regardless of whether Neymar’s performances in the main three contrasted with his, he could be discussed. Neymar’s PSG has won two domestic cups, including the French League, and reached the Champions League final for the first time. However, losing to Bayern did not fulfill the dream of the first Champions League Neymar. Neymar has scored 13 goals in 15 matches in the league last season, 3 goals in 6 matches this time. Neymar’s goals in the Champions League last season were 3 in 7 matches, now 6 in 5 matches!

Maybe Neymar’s forehead is burnt because the French league is not over yet!

In addition to the best player of the year in boys’ football, the nominations have been finalized for the best player of the year in girls’ football, the best goalkeeper of the year in boys and girls football, and also the best coach of the year.

Marcelo Bielsa, the Argentine coach of Leeds United, has been nominated for the best coach of the year in boys’ football. He is accompanied by Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Bayern’s Hansi Flick.

The award will be given on December 17. The award will be broadcast live from FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

List of nominees

Boys football:

Footballer of the Year

– Robert Lewandowski (Bayern / Poland)

– Lionel Messi (Barcelona / Argentina)

– Cristiano Ronaldo

Goalkeeper of the year

– Allison Baker (Liverpool / Brazil)

– Manuel Neuer (Bayern / Germany)

– Ian Oblak (Atletico / Slovenia)

Coach of the year

– Hansi Flick (Bayern / Germany)

– Jrgen Klopp (Liverpool / Germany)

– Marcelo Bielsa (Leeds / Argentina)

Girls football:

Player of the Year

– Lucy Bronze (Lyon / Man City / England)

– Wendy Renard (Lyon / France)

Goalkeeper of the year

– Sarah Buhaddi (Lyon / France)

– Christian Andler (PSG / Chile)

– Alyssa Nehr (Chicago / United States)

Coach of the year

– Emma Hayes (Chelsea / England)

– Jean-Luc Vaso (Lyon / France)

– Saria Weigmann (Netherlands national team)

Puskas (Goal of the Year)

Georgian de Arasceta (Flamengo / Uruguay)

Son Hyung Min (Tottenham / South Korea)

Luis Suarez (Barcelona / Atletico / Uruguay)


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