Messi’s career is as much as a red card related to a statistic.

Once upon a time, there was nothing to say if it was caught in one of the rarest scenes in the world. The matter was so fancy.

What is that? Barcelona captain Lionel Messi’s red card. Another great achievement of Messi, who has scored several goals throughout his career, is that he has rarely seen a red card. The referees seem to have forgotten how it feels to send Messi off the field. But in the last two years, the scene has changed a little. Whether it’s because of the relatively failed time in his international and club career, Messi has been doing a lot of things over the years that don’t go well with him.

Last night, Barcelona went down to play in the final of the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic Bilbao. It was doubtful whether Messi would be able to play at all due to injury. Koman admitted before the match that he did not have the authority to decide whether Messi would play in the final. Messi will take that decision himself. Understanding his physical condition, Messi himself will tell the coach whether he will play or not. Later, Barcelona got Messi from the beginning. Where is the benefit? The reverse has been headlined for a reason no one thought; At least Barcelona-supporters! The red card was shown out of the field!

It never happened, but it didn’t. History has shown that Messi has received four red cards in his entire career. Three times in the senior career, once in the age group. Of the four cards, Argentina and Barcelona have seen the same on the jersey, twice. Let’s take a look back at this opportunity …

Barcelona ‘B’ vs Sport de Talafaya (February 27, 2005)

Messi has yet to find a place in Barcelona’s starting XI. What happened then? The youth was an integral part of the team. He used to fascinate everyone with his footwork and football brains. At that time, Messi saw a red card in a hurry. The opponent is an unknown club called Sport de Talafaya. The card he received on February 27, 2005, was his first ‘red’.

Argentina vs. Hungary (Budapest, August 17, 2005)

After a few months in the same year, Messi has to see a red card for the national team, again in his debut match! There are no unforgettable memories of the debut match players in the country’s jersey. Messi, of course, would like to forget his national team debut. Who wants to remember the memory of seeing a red card just 43 seconds after entering the debut match! Lionel Messi made his debut for Argentina that day as a replacement for striker Lisandro Lopez. He won the World Cup for the youth team just a few days before the match. He won the Golden Ball and the Boot of that World Cup. Coach Jose Pekerman called up the national team the following month. In the eyes of Messi, the illusion of dreams, the glimpse that he showed in the age-based team, he hopes to do the same in the main team. He, however, had to sit on the bench in the first half. In the 18th minute of the second half, he came down after the number 18 jersey. On the right, Argentina is attacking small passes. The ball landed at EMC’s feet. Messi ran, at that deer-pace.

Lionel Messi

The relentless defender Williams Vansak tried in vain to stop Messi by pulling the jersey. Messi still ran, the way he ran. Williams pulled Messi’s jersey and tore it! Annoyed, he tried to throw it in the air. It didn’t matter if Messi’s hand was on his face, Williams didn’t want to go into conflict. As if the sniper’s shot of the secret assassin had come and pierced him, he fell on the ground. As a result, a red card for Messi came out of the referee’s pocket despite the protests of Gabriel Hynsa-Juan Pablo Sorin-Roberto Ayala!

Messi couldn’t believe it. Back in the dressing room that day, 18-year-old Messi cried a lot. He could not be comforted at all. Peckerman couldn’t calm down either. The most famous of these was the late legend, Diego Maradona. He saw the conspiracy behind it, giving a strong emotional push to Messi in the beginning.

Argentina vs. Chile (Sao Paulo, July 8, 2019)

14 years have passed since that red card of Abhishek. Messi rose to new heights in his career. Although the stock of the team title for the national team is zero. This is how the star became in this career. Evidence was found in the third-place match of the 2019 Copa America. Messi, whose dream of reaching the final was over, had nothing to gain in that match. Messi was looking for the victory of consolation. Lionel Messi saw a controversial red card in such a situation.

37 minutes of the match. Lionel Messi pushed Gary Medal from behind in a fight for possession amid a Chilean disaster. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, it was not clear then. But what the Chilean captain did in response was incredible, eye-popping. Turning back, he started punching Messi with his body. Messi did not respond to the sudden attack. Raising both hands, the Chilean captain stepped back into each punch with one foot or two. The most unbelievable of these was referee Mario Diaz de Vivar. He ran and showed the red card to both of them!

The next scene will be forgotten by Argentine fans. Despite many expectations, it is sad to be dropped from the Copa America semifinals. Messi’s controversial red card. As seen in the video replay, the Argentine star did not commit a crime like getting a red card. Yellow cards could be shown. But who knows what the referee thought! Later, Messi himself did not remain silent. Rather, it can be said that Messi became a different person after seeing the red card without committing the crime of seeing the red card! He has been angry many times before, he has erupted in anger, but he has rarely exploded his words with that anger. But after seeing this red card, the Argentine forward could not bear it anymore. Messi did not go on stage to take the medal after Argentina secured third place after beating Chile 2-1. Sojasapata said that Conmebol is doing everything possible to hand over the Copa America title to Brazil, the result of which is that red card!

Barcelona v Athletic Bilbao (Seville, January 18, 2021)

Messi saw the last red card of his career last night. Messi was deluded at a time when the team was trailing 3-2 in the final of the Spanish Super Cup. Athletic Bilbao Messi got the ball out of the box. The Argentine star started the race to enter the box of Bilbao by pushing the ball to his teammate on the left side. AsiarĀ  Viallibre went to the front to block him. The last whistle will be blown at any moment in the match, in which the Barsa star will probably lose his temper after falling in front of an opposing player. Vialibrera licked his head and sat down!

Messi’s unsportsmanlike behavior did not escape the eyes of the video assistant referee (VAR). When Messi slapped Vialibreke, there was no ball on his feet. Messi had to leave the field after seeing a red card for such a heinous crime in the ‘off the ball’ moment. Barsa also lost the match 3-2. This is Messi’s first red card in his 753-match career for Barsa.

At the end of his career, Messi must not want to make this list longer!


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