New Zealand threatens to oust Pakistan (updated news)

New Zealand has brought the coronavirus under control only by following strict rules. They returned to international cricket after feeling safe. The West Indies were called first. Today, the Kiwis are finally starting the new season with the T20 series against the Windies. New Zealand lost the first match of the three-match T20 series by 5 wickets.

New Zealand will also play a Test series after the T20 against the West Indies. Then there will be three T20 and two-Test series against Pakistan. But it could be that Pakistan will have to leave New Zealand before the West Indies. The Pakistan team broke the quarantine rules by going to New Zealand. The New Zealand Cricket Board and the Ministry of Health are angry. He was so outraged that he reported directly, and once he made a mistake, Pakistan would be expelled from New Zealand for forgetting hospitality.

New Zealand Team

This was revealed in a WhatsApp message from Wasim Khan, the chief executive of Pakistan Cricket. He was angry at the behavior of the players and sent a warning message. The audio message has reached the cricket-based website Cricinfo. In the message, Wasim Khan said, ‘Boys, I have spoken to the New Zealand government. They said the rules have been broken three or four times. They do not mean any irregularities in these matters and have told us, they have warned for the last time. We know this is a very difficult time, even in England. It’s not easy. But it is a matter of respect for the nation. Follow the rules for 14 days. Then go to the restaurant or hang out independently. They made it clear that once they broke the rules, they would send us home. ‘

The T20 series will start on December 18. Before that, you have to go through 14 days quarantine. The West Indies team also had to go through this. Once the rules were broken the practice facility was closed to them for a while. The situation is more serious in the case of Pakistan. Six players from Pakistan who came with a negative corona report have tested positive in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Cricket has issued a statement warning Pakistan. The final warning is to return to the country if you do not follow the rules of quarantine. Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, director-general of the New Zealand Department of Health, said angrily, “It’s a great opportunity to come and play in New Zealand. But instead, the parties have to abide by the rules we have made to stay tax-free. ‘

Wasim Khan has repeatedly reminded us how insulting it is for Pakistan to be sent back to the country for breaking the rules. No corona patients were found in New Zealand for 100 days. The rate of infection is still negligible. Therefore, the visiting teams will get free freedom only after the end of the quarantine period. Wasim urged the players to be patient for just 14 days in this situation, saying, “This is a question of national pride.” It would be a shame if the team was sent back. I know the work is very difficult, but follow the rules they have given. No mistake can be made by the New Zealand government. This is the last warning. They are not willing to take any risks with health and safety. Do the right thing for the country.


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