Real hopes to buy Mbappe with the help of Barsa(Updated)

For so long, the uncertainty about the future of any PSG star meant Neymar’s reshuffle. Neymar has settled down a bit this season and will stay at PSG. The rumors of a change of party around PSG have not stopped yet. Although Neymar wants to settle down, Killian Mbappe has not yet agreed to renew his contract.

The name of Real Madrid has always been in the discussion about where you can leave PSG and go to MBAP. The name of Liverpool has also come. Bayern Munich has never been heard of on this list. But German club legend Karl-Heinz Ruminig reported the news. No, it’s not an attempt to get Mbappe, but Bayern can’t buy it, he said. Real Madrid, meanwhile, is hoping Barcelona will co-operate.

Barcelona Real Madrid

Neymar was supposed to be the biggest star in football after Messi-Ronaldo. However, in the last two years, Mbappe has run ahead of Neymar. If such a star can be brought to the club, any team will be able to be safe for the next decade. So the rumor of a change of team with the French forward never stops. PSG had to spend 180 million Euros in 2017 to get 18-year-old Mbappe. In the post-Covid world, interested clubs may have to spend the same amount.

Bayern is usually reluctant to spend more money on players. They didn’t have to spend 100 million euros to build the original XI of the treble-winning team last season. The most expensive player in the history of the German club is Lucas Hernandez for 80 million Euros. After buying this defender at this price, Bayern has gone back to its low-cost policy. “I love Mbappe and the way he plays,” said Ruminage, the club’s chief executive. But I will never be able to bring him to Bayern.

In a conversation with French media Lo Figaro, Rumenig said another reason why Mbappe was not included in the team, ‘And he (Mbappe) is fine where he is. Nasser Al Khelaifi is a very good friend of mine. I won’t trouble him about it.

Presidents of all clubs in Europe have good relations with Nasser Al Khelaifi, the president of the Qatar-owned club PSG. All the presidents have accepted that it is not possible to compete with the PSEG or a state financially. And that’s why Real Madrid president Florentino Perez will probably sit in prayer for arch-rivals Barcelona in the last 16 of this year’s Champions League! PSG to face Barcelona in the last sixteen. To find out why Perez will pray for Barsa, he has to go a little further back.

To make himself more, Mbappe went to PSG in 2017, ignoring the call of Real Madrid. He has not yet renewed his contract after joining the club. PSG needs success in Europe if they want to hold on to Mbappe’s dream of winning the Champions League. But after three consecutive seasons of failure, Mbappe has become doubtful about his future in PSG. That is why he is not renewing the contract. Last season, however, PSG played in the final of the Champions League.

If PSG fails in the Champions League this season too, Mbappe will not renew his contract. Now, if Barcelona wins in the last 16, Real’s wish will be fulfilled. With just one year left, it will be possible for Real to negotiate without a rift with Khelaifi.

Real did not buy any player in the change of team this time because of Corona. On the contrary, he has earned 100 million Euros by leaving various footballers. He will continue the trend next season to take on Mbappe. Now they just need the help of Barcelona!


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