Rohit-Rahane’s heroism was tarnished by the Indian umpire

Rohit Sharma on the first day of the Chennai Test. There is no opportunity to argue about this. The spinners are dominating the wickets on the first day of the Test. Virat Kohli could not believe for a long time that he was out after being distracted by a ball spin in the first session. In cases like bowling out, the third umpire had to intervene, to say that the batsman was bowled out.

What a terrible aggressor Rohit in such a wicket. In the first session, he had more runs than the ball. As the days went by, the number of balls gradually increased, but the beauty of Rohit’s innings did not diminish. Chennai wicket-taker Joe Root’s spin is also sometimes considered ‘unplayable’. He is the Indian opener with an innings of one and a half-hundred. Anil Chowdhury, the third umpire of the match, also discussed on such a day.

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The Chennai Test has given a great gift to the field game and umpiring. At the end of the first day, India scored 300 runs for 6 wickets. In no way can it be called Ranpahar, but Chennai’s wicket says that India is ahead on the first day after such a score.

India won the toss and elected to field. The team that went down to bat lost the wicket before making any run. Zafra Archer has been ruled out due to injury and Oli Stone has been named to the squad. Shubman Gill gave him the wicket on the third ball. Gill became lbw on the pad without making any attempt to play a ball of Stone.

India, however, did not feel the push. Cheteshwar Pujara held on one side, Rohit was attacking the other. This opener has become fifty with 47 balls. India scored 85 runs for the second wicket. Pujara became a fool as Jack Leach’s ball took more turns than expected. Many were caught in the slip by stabbing the outside ball. The main push India ate in the next over.

A ball from Moin Ali fell in front of Kohli’s bat. Bold India captain to drive. Kohli did not want to leave the wicket as he could not accept that he took so many turns or was out for zero runs. He moved a little and stood up. Finally seeing the third umpire, clear bold Kohli. Seeing such a state of the wicket, Rohit and Ajinkya Rahane went to lunch with thoughts.

Rohit played a little Royce back from the break. So he spent an hour to score the required 20 runs for the century. After getting a century, he increased the speed of the run again. However, he has changed his mind more than four-sixes. Sweep shots have taken up arms to frustrate the English spinners. Whenever he gets a chance, he plays in front. No one can compete with Rohit. However, Rahane played positively. Rahane has reached fifty in 8 overs. When the two seemed to take the match out of reach, then England hit back. The controversy was born then.

England had the opportunity to get out the best two batsmen of the day earlier. The on-field umpire couldn’t return Rohit and Ajinkya Rahane. That is why England took refuge in the third umpire. But twice the TV umpire has controversially ruled in India’s favor.

The principal episode occurred in the 71st over. Rohit could not play Leach’s ball. Wicketkeeper Fox grabbed it and dropped the bell. The field umpire moves to the third umpire. It looked like Rohit was out. But the third umpire felt that Rohit’s feet were behind the stain. TV umpire Chowdhury has declared Rohit not out, angering the English supporters.

The next incident was in the 75th over. The unfortunate bowler’s name is Leach again. Rahane’s bat was caught in the short leg by the ball, England appealed. The field umpire did not give out. TV umpire Chowdhury also stuck to that decision. Rahane survived, England’s review was a waste. English captain Joe Root argued though. Root claims the ball hit the pad. But before he could get to the Pope on the pad, it was stuck in Rahane’s gloves. But the third umpire did not see the whole replay and decided not only on the pad but also on the bat. Shortly after the TV replay showed, the ball landed on Rahane’s gloves on the pad and the third umpire decided not to see it!

Luckily for the England team, two such incidents did not hurt them too much. Rohit, who was 159, was able to add two more runs after being bowled out by Leach after two overs. Meanwhile, Rahane was bowled after 6 balls by Moin Ali, just like captain Kohli. Rahane has scored only 1 run in between. India lost the fifth wicket for 249 runs.

The host team could then break up. But Rishabh Pant (33 *) and Ravichandran Ashwin (13) managed the push. Though Ashwin returned with Root’s ball, Pant and Abhishek Akshar Patel (5 *) came to an end.

Short Score:

India 1st innings: Rohit 161, Rahane 67, Pant 33, Pujara 21; Leach 2/78, Moin 2/112, Route 1/15, Stone 1/42.


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