Ronaldo also told Messi-Neymar teammate what to eat

Very few players in world football have had this good fortune. Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar have to be players of three specific clubs or three national teams to get a teammate. If he is lucky, he should be on the team at the right time. Anhel Di Maria and Andre Gomez have been added to the squad this season. Arthur Melo has joined Juventus in a reshuffle due to financial reasons.

Barcelona brought him as a new Xavi from Brazil. Messi was praised for his impressive football in the first season. He also had the experience of providing the ball to Neymar in the Brazil team. Only Joseph Maria Bartomeu’s board sold Arthur to Juventus in exchange for Miralim Pianich to save him from financial trouble. Thanks to him, Cristiano Ronaldo has also been found as his teammate.

Messi Ronaldo

Arthur said that the friendship with the two South American stars did not prevent him from forming a relationship with Ronaldo. The relationship with Ronaldo is so good that the Portuguese legend says what to eat!

Arthur toured Barcelona last week. The end of his Catalan club episode was very bad. Barcelona has decided to sell him against his will. Once confirmed, he was no longer called up. All this seemed to take revenge last Tuesday night. Juventus lost 3-0 at Barser. The victory at the end of the group stage has given a good position to the club of Turin in the last sixteen.

Arthur, however, does not think much about Barcelona’s recent experience. On the contrary, he said how good he is at Juventus. Since I speak the same language, you have been helping me since I left. If you don’t understand anything, explain it to me. He even told me what to eat. It is not right to eat it, eat it. Take care of everyone, help. Cristiano and I are lucky to have this dressing room. Everyone is very good.

Like all Ronaldo’s former or current teammates, his dedication surprised Arthur. The Portuguese star’s efforts to improve himself have always been heard from his Manchester United, Real Madrid or Juventus teammates. The Brazilian midfielder once again uttered, ‘I am amazed at the way you work. I already knew. Because the football world is small, everyone says what he does. However, you cannot be fascinated by him. Once we were back at two in the morning, because the game was late. That’s when he started practicing. Who does that? Just Cristiano. I’m just kidding, you’re sick. But what can you say to someone who has won so many Ballon d’Ors?

He has experience of playing with three superstars. Arthur is the ideal person to draw a comparison between these three. But the midfielder finds more in them, ‘I am fascinated by their mentality. Yes, there is talent. Everyone knows what they have. But the winning mentality of all three is extraordinary. They set a goal, they work for it, they think they can do it, and they give their lives on the field to achieve it. They are not satisfied with a little, they always want more. One goal, another, two goals, three; Then four… that’s what fascinates me that never diminishes value or attention.


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