Ronaldo has no interest in Juventus-One Of The Best Player In World.

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently considered one of the best footballers in the world. Even at the age of 35, his brilliance did not diminish. It is natural to think that a player who will be in the team will get a little appreciation there. The rumors surrounding Ronaldo at Manchester United and Real Madrid have not diminished. Like Lionel Messi in Barcelona. Messi’s dominance in the Catalan club is somewhat public. But Ronaldo is not seen in Juventus. The Portuguese star is no exception in the eyes of the club’s ten other footballers, said Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo.

The legendary former Italian midfielder has said directly that there is no difference between Ronaldo and Juventus. His star image has a no different impact on the Italian club. This time Ronaldo has got a good start to the season for Juventus. He has scored 8 goals in the first 6 matches. He was also out of the field after being attacked by Corona. Juventus beat Cagliari 2-0 on Saturday with a pair of goals. For Juve, he has the distinction of scoring a total of 59 goals in his extraordinary skill. Ronaldo has scored 29 goals this year alone.

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Juventus will face Ferrero-Waldner tonight in the Champions League. Before that, Pirlo talked about the best star of the team. Pirlo himself was once one of the world’s best in set-pieces. The former World Cup-winning midfielder also teased Smriti, saying, “I haven’t challenged him on set yet. I look at other players from the same perspective. He will always be by my side on and off the field. It’s easy to maintain a relationship with humble people, I’m such a person. ‘

There are few things in the club career that Ronaldo did not win. In addition to the English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A, he has won the Champions League more than once. Ronaldo, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, is also the top scorer in the history of the European Championships.

The way I treat two young players, Frabotta and Portanova, is the same with him (Ronaldo). I do exactly what I used to do as a player.

It is normal to see such a champion player with ordinary eyes. But from the coach’s point of view, this is normal and expected again. “The way two young players, Frebotta and Portanova, have been treated, the same is true of him (Ronaldo),” Pirlo said. I do exactly what I used to do as a player. ‘

Pirlo is getting a chance to make a ‘Triphala’ attack against Ferentvaros. He finally got three forwards Ronaldo, Paolo DiBella, and Alvaro Morata together. Ronaldo could not play in all four matches as he was attacked by Corona. Dibala recovered from injury and regained fitness last week. Morata, who has scored six goals in nine matches, is taking some time to adapt to the ‘old women of Turin’.

Pirlo, however, hinted at playing together, saying, “We’ve been thinking that from the beginning. But unfortunately, they were not found in good condition together. Now we will try to balance the team and try to play together if possible. ‘


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