Ronaldo is unknown, the worst rate of Juventus in 9 years

Cristiano Ronaldo has taken shots from a few distances. The 35-year-old Portuguese forward did not score a goal in that way. And if Ronaldo is unknown, then Juventus is unknown, that’s old news!

If Ronaldo is unknown, it will be difficult for Juventus to score a goal, but Juventus has also made a gossip in the defense against Fiorentina in the league tomorrow. This is the first loss of the season in the league, the biggest loss in their own stadium Allianz, which was inaugurated nine years ago, the club in Turin. They lost 3-0. In the 18th minute, however, Andrea Pirlo’s Juventus became a team of 10 people.

Fiorentina has not won any of their previous six matches in the league since┬áPrandelli returned as a coach to Cesar last month. Frank Ribery’s side, who left Bayern Munich last season, were 17th in the league’s points table before yesterday’s win! But Juventus right-back Juan Cuadrado’s red card in the 18th minute and a chance to save the Bonucci-de Likhtes saved Fiorentina yesterday. Juventus captain Bonucci in particular has probably spent one of the worst nights of his Juve career!

Cristiano Ronaldo

At this rate, Juventus, which has won the league in the last nine seasons, is at number four in the league’s points list with 24 points from 13 matches. Roma, who are in the top five, have 24 points from 13 matches, trailing by a goal difference. Juventus are 7 points behind AC Milan at the top.

Juventus fans made a mistake in the second minute of the match. Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovich took the lead through Ribery’s great defender. Avoiding Juventus defender Mattis de Likht, the Fiorentina striker chipped the ball over the head of the oncoming goalkeeper Vaichech Shezni. Shortly afterward, Vlahovic had another great opportunity after Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci lost control of the ball, but was unable to capitalize on it.

Juventus’ plight was exacerbated when Cuadrado tackled Fiorentina’s Guitano Castroville in the 18th minute. The referee showed a yellow card at first but showed a red card in the VAR. After a while, Juventus had to pay the price for Bonucci’s mistake again, but Juventus goalkeeper Shezni blocked Castrovili’s shot during the trip.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, tested the Fiorentina goalkeeper twice, with the long-range shot being the strongest. But it did not help. At the beginning of the second half, Ronaldo caught the ball in the head but the goal was canceled offside.

At the end of the second half, Juventus opened the scoring for Fiorentina. Bonucci’s mistake again in the 76th minute! Fiorentina left-back Cristiano Biraghi’s cross was blocked by Bonucci, and the ball landed on left-back Alex Sandro. Suicide goal!

Five minutes later, Bonucci’s mistake again, Juventus scored. Ribery snatched the ball from the Italian defender, his pass went to Biraghi. Biraghi’s cross again melted the gap between De Licht’s legs into Juve’s goal, and with a light touch, Fiorentina’s Martin Caceres had no trouble getting it into the net.

Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo, however, left Bonucci, saying, “Anyone can go to a bad night, but so far the season has been good.” In the pre-Christmas match, sometimes (the players) think of the holidays, that’s why we relaxed a little!


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