Stealing the run by hiding the ball is a great event (Updated).

Larkin photo

Seeing the scene, the question may arise in the minds of the fans, why the run was canceled?

Such incidents are not very rare in cricket. However, some incidents are often seen near it. When a batsman swipes, if the ball does not hit the bat, he usually does not know exactly where the ball is. In this situation, it is not strange that the subconscious mind leaves the crease and gets stumped.

Such scenes are rarely seen. However, it is not a new thing to see both the batsmen looking for the ball in amazement if the batsman is not able to put the ball in the bat while playing in the leg or if the wicket keeper’s gloves are lying around in the vicinity. In this situation, some people even stole a run. Those runs, however, get legitimacy. But the case is deeper in the case of Nick Larkin. The ball was not seen!

Listen to the whole story before frowning. The Melbourne Stars defeated the Sydney Thunder by 22 runs in the Big Bash today. The first ball made by Daniel Sams in the last over of Melbourne’s innings was discussed in the discussion. Larkin was on strike. He couldn’t fit the bat properly while sweeping Sams’ full-length delivery slog.

That may be so, but then what happened is usually very rare — the ball disappears like a joke! Meanwhile, the batsmen are urged to score as many runs as possible in the last over. Larkin also escaped from this persecution. The wicketkeeper and bowler Sam who came running were surprised. Hey, where’s the ball!

After Larkin crossed the middle of the wicket, the ball seemed to fall from nowhere.

What do you mean? No one noticed the suddenness of the incident at the beginning. It was later revealed that the ball had slipped into Larkin’s jersey. So could not be seen. After the shock of running, he fell on the wicket. What a smile that Larkin! Laughter is contagious in almost everyone. As seen in the video replay, Larkin’s response after failing to play the shot showed he was looking around for the ball as he couldn’t put it right on the bat! He must have felt that the ball hit the body with the help of the bat. But then the ball is usually lying somewhere next to it. Instead, the ball was stuck in the bottom of his jersey for a while. The Big Bash Twitter handle also tweeted a video of the incident, saying, “Hide the ball and run.”

Umpire Bersik tried to steal the run in Larkin. The run was canceled and the ‘Dead Ball’ was declared. However, Larkin’s ordinance did not stop joking. He is bowled out for the next ball in the ‘crime’ of trying to steal the run.

Cricket does not know how many colors!


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