The coach has changed to Neymar-Mbappe, Anxious Real

The distance from Madrid to Paris is about 1300 kilometers. They are two beautiful cities in Europe. The city’s club PSG has given a surprise gift before Christmas in Paris. Not to mention, there is no crow, suddenly PSG has dismissed coach Thomas Tuchel! No official announcement has been made yet, but it has certainly happened.

When the PSG’s office in Paris fired Tuchel and brought in a new coach, the club’s Madrid club Real Madrid, which is 1300 km away, maybe having a restless walk. At least that’s what happened to the Madrid-based Spanish daily AS. According to AS, the change of coaches of Neymar and Killian Mbappe in PSG has also affected Madrid. It has been rumored for so long that Madrid has set an unofficial schedule for PSG’s French striker Mbappe, who is likely to be disrupted by a change of PSG coach. And that’s why Real is worried.

Killian Mbappe

The PSG abruptly fired Tuchel before Christmas, replacing Mauricio Pachettino, a former Tottenham coach and former PSG player, who is widely known in Europe. But the idea of ​​AS, in case of bringing Pachettino, PSG has promised to keep Mbappe firmly in the club!

Last season, for the first time in the history of PSG, the club was taken to the Champions League final, but it is heard that the relationship between Tukhel and PSG officials was not good. Even last season, Tuchel got involved with several PSG stars including Mbappe several times. Even the German media has reported that Neymar and Mbappe were behind the dismissal of the German coach from PSG.

Talking about handling Neymar and Mbappe, Tuchel said that it is very difficult to handle players like Neymar and Mbappe. It is very difficult to keep such two happy. He also said that he thinks of himself as a sports politician or a sports minister more than a coach lately. Or lost the fun of coaching last season. Naturally, PSG did not like that. Tuchel, however, said after PSG’s 4-0 win over Strasbourg in the league the day before yesterday that he had joked about it in an interview, but apparently, PSG did not like it. Tuchel had six months left on the contract.

The ASG writes that the dismissal of Tuchel is a move by Leonardo, the PSG’s sports director, to save Mbappe from PSG and keep him at PSG. The value of the 22-year-old French sensation to the PSG can only be understood by analyzing a few incidents from last season. Tukhel picked up Mbappe earlier in the two-match series against Mopliye and Nante last season, and Mbappe reacted strongly twice. Tuchel then said, ‘Here I am the coach. It’s not tennis or any personal sport, it’s football.

It seemed that all the troubles went to Chukebu when the PSG reached the Champions League final, but it didn’t happen at all, says AS. PSG’s sports director Leonardo Tuchel has called a separate meeting and tried to resolve all issues with Mbopp. In AS’s eyes, that is proof that Leonardo thinks Mbappe is more important than the team’s coach.

So much for the complexity of Mbappe’s relationship with Tukhel, Mbappe posted on Instagram on the news of Tukhel’s dismissal. “Unfortunately, this is the rule of football,” the French striker wrote in a photo with Tuchel. No one will ever forget what you did while you were here. You wrote a great part in the history of the club. Thank you for that.

However, not only Mbappe, but also the coach of PSG, Real has another concern. That revolves around PSG’s potential new coach Pachettino. Real president Florentino Perez or Pachettino was considered the successor to current Real coach Zinedine Zidane. Real’s name has been associated with Pachettino many times before. The legendary Real captain Raul Gonzalez, who is currently the coach of Real’s academy team Kastia, will be seen in Real’s dugout at some point in the future, AS wrote. In the time among Zidane and Raul, the Real president considered Pachettino Real’s mentor, as indicated by AS.

With the change of PSG coach, Real’s worries about Mbappe and Pachettino are increasing, AS has brought another bad news for Real-fans. If Mbappe can buy Real after so much, it has to be done at a very high price! There is still a possibility of renewing MBAP’s contract with PSG, AS said. However, it is rumored that Mbappe will have a separate condition for Real Madrid in the new contract. In other words, in the future, Real will be able to buy Mbappe for a certain amount of money – the condition will be included in the new contract of Mbappe with PSG.

But the figure could be a headache for Real. AS is reporting that! Real had planned to buy Mbappe in 18021 for 180 million or 180 million euros. But MBAP’s new contract with PSG has conditions in favor of Real, but the figure could be 250 million euros!


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