The hero of football- Maradona has an eventful 60 years

Diego Armando Maradona is an emotional name to millions of football fans around the world. Legends, heroes, bad boys of football … a man 5 and a half feet tall could not be tied to anyone’s definition. Perno Maradona’s 60 years at the speed of a meteor seen at a glance.

The early days

30 October 1960. Diego Armando Maradona was born into an orthodox Catholic family in Lanুs, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was the fifth of eight siblings. My father worked in a factory. The lack of family was enough.

The little boy’s football skills were like putting on a shelf. It was not too late to catch the eye of the football scouts. When Diego was 10, he was signed by Argentinos Juniors, a famous club in Buenos Aires. Before he turned 16, the doors of the club’s senior team opened in front of him. Diego’s first season in the senior team, the club is the local league champion at that time. Diego was blossoming in the field with God-given skill, the nickname became ‘Fiorito’ meaning beautiful as a flower.

Maradona photo

Blue-and-white jersey

On 27 February 1977, Diego was named the youngest player in the country’s history to play for the Argentine national team. Blue-and-white jersey, debut match for Albiceleste against Hungary. Age then 16 years 120 days. Argentina won the match 5-1. The following year, the World Cup was held in Argentina. But national coach Louis Menti did not include him in the team. Because Maradona is younger, less experienced. Argentina took home the World Cup trophy, beating the Netherlands 3-1 for the first time. National hero Mario Kempes scored a pair of goals in the final. Maradona had to watch the country’s world victory from outside the field.

The adults did not have a place in the World Cup. The following year, Argentina won the Youth World Cup in Japan under Maradona’s leadership. The arrival of world football is the prince of football. That same year, Maradona scored his first goal for the senior team. Argentina won the match 3-1 against Scotland. Diego Armando Maradona has been named the best footballer in South America at just 18 years old.

Arrival in Europe

In 1982, Spain got a chance in the World Cup team. Playing well. But the rhythm falls against arch-rivals Brazil. Maradona had to leave the field after seeing the red card. Argentina also lost the match 3-1 and dropped out of the tournament. But Maradona’s football has reached Europe beyond the borders of South America in those days. Barcelona signed him for around 11 million pounds. The club’s football manager is Luis Menti. Despite playing two seasons at Barcelona, Maradona has not been able to cut that mark.

The following season, he was signed by Italian club Napoli for a record 4 million Pound. Maradona made Napoli the European champions, leaving behind big clubs like AC Milan, Inter, and Juventus.

Hand of God

Maradona’s form peaked then. His left leg is treading in the middle of the field. Maradona showed remarkable skill in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. He scored both the most acclaimed and acclaimed goals of the century in the same match. Four years ago, Argentina lost to England in the Falklands War. The heat of that battle in the quarter-final against England. Maradona led the team with a goal over Peter Shilton’s head. Everyone said handball, Maradona laughed and said ‘Hand of God’. The next goal is like magic. The prince scored, beating six English players. That goal was recognized as the best goal of the century. Argentina beat West Germany 3-2 in the final to win their second World Cup. Maradona got the golden boot. Became a football legend.

From hero to villain?

He is also winning one trophy after another against Napoli after winning the World Cup. He was then God-like near the city of Naples. But the chaotic life has started consuming him for so long. Is Maradona taking drugs? The question arose. His football also seems to be accepted. Controversy in personal life as well. He is married to Claudia Villafane, who has already sued Cristina Sinagra, claiming they are the child’s father, Maradona. Argentina also reached the final of the 1990 World Cup. The opponent is Germany.

But Maradona’s team had to return from Italy as runners. Maradona was not even seen in familiar form throughout the tournament. In Italy, where he became the best player in the world for playing football, this time he was condemned. Caught in a dope test. 15 months in exile in Italian football. Maradona left Italy. He was arrested back in the country for taking cocaine. I haven’t played football in two years. In 1992, Maradona rejoined Sevilla, Spain. Coach Carlos Billardo led Argentina to the finals of the 1986 and 1990 World Cups. But this time the pair did not click. Maradona left Sevilla with 5 goals in 26 matches. He came back to Argentina.

At the end of the game

Maradona then suffered a concussion. Playing at the New Wales Old Boys Club in Rosario, Argentina. He was dropped in the first stage of the World Cup team selection. He was called up when Argentina was on the brink of a World Cup qualifier. Maradona played in the 1994 World Cup in the United States. But then he is just a shadow of the past. Argentina won 4-0 against Greece. Maradona also scored a goal. He bragged in front of the TV camera. That was his last match in the country’s jersey.

He was sent back from the World Cup for taking the banned drug ephedrine. FIFA sent Maradona into exile for 15 months. Maradona did not play 100 matches for the country. His international career ended with 34 goals in 91 matches. Maradona retired from football at the age of 37 in 1997 to play for Boca Juniors. 345 goals in 678 matches were written next to his name in the record. Maradona later returned to the field as a coach, but the saying goes, “A good player does not mean a good coach.” In the case of Maradona, this proverb is true. Harald coach Maradona’s Argentina beat Germany’s Jurgen Klinsmann in the 2010 World Cup quarter-finals.

Maradona or Play who is the best?

There is a debate as to who is the best footballer of all time in the world. At the beginning of the new century, Diego Maradona was jointly named the best footballer of the century with Pel in 2000. That same year he was admitted to the hospital with a heart attack. Excessive drug use is the cause of the disease, the doctors said. That heart disease is never left behind. After 20 years, on November 26, that heart disease stopped Maradona’s heartbeat.


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