This time Smith himself was caught on camera(Updated)

Steve Smith did not learn to burn lime once after eating lime! In the Cape Town Test in 2018, there was no fight in the cricket world over the Australian sandpaper or glue paper! Cameron Bancroft of Australia was caught on TV camera rubbing with glue paper to keep the cricket ball bright. The team’s co-captain David Warner was banned from doing this with Bancroft. Smith also lost the captaincy with the ban for pretending not to know.

Did Smith forget that incident in less than three years? Otherwise, how did the Australian batsman do this at the Sydney Cricket Ground today? Rishabh Pant was then on the wicket. The Indian wicketkeeper-batsman was on fire at the time. Pant disappointed the Australian bowlers for a while but also showed the team the dream of an impossible victory.

Steven Smith

The Australians were desperate to get Pant back. Steve Smith didn’t even sit down. However, the former captain of Australia has taken a slightly crooked path. What Smith did was captured on the stump camera. Video footage shows Smith rubbing Pant’s batting guard shoes in front of the stumps during a water break.

‘Where is the guard’, Pant came to the crease at the end of the break and was surprised. In the end, Pant talked to the umpire and drew a new guard.

The video footage, however, did not show Smith’s face. However, no one had such a problem to understand that Kand is one of the best batsmen of the time. Smith’s jersey number ’49’ is obvious.

Smith has been widely criticized since the video went viral. Former cricketers are washing him properly. Former India opener Virender Sehwag tweeted the footage. “No matter how much progress has been made, Steve Smith has tried to eliminate the marks of Pant’s batting protector from the crease,” Sehwag addressed.

For some time after Sehwag’s tweet, ‘Once a cheat is always a cheat’ or ‘The cheater is always a cheater’ has been trending on Twitter Many criticized Smith for reminding him of the ball-tampering incident.

Former England cricketer and cricket pundit David Lloyd wrote on Twitter, ‘Smith has acted like a fool.’ Former England captain Michael Vaughan wrote, ‘Very bad job Steve Smith !!’

Former India batsman Akash Chopra also joked about the incident, “No matter how useful the shoes are. The marks of the opponent’s batting guard can also be erased. However, it is not possible to get a good catch (with shoes). ‘Chopra also gave the thrust that the Australians have dropped four catches today.

Who knows if Smith will be punished in this new incident! A section of the Cricket Act, however, states that the presence of a fielder on the pitch without a valid reason is invalid.


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