Those who can get Maradona’s wealth (Updated News)

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona has traveled to a country where the whole world has not floated in a sea of ​​mourning. Legendary footballer Maradona died of a heart attack in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires on Wednesday.

But her fans can’t accept the sudden departure of her favorite star. In the last journey of the Argentine football legend, the people descended ignoring the fear of corona.

Even the police could not hold this slope. On the contrary, there have been clashes with Maradona’s fans from time to time. They couldn’t stop the emotion when they went to see Pran’s favorite star for the last time.

But who will inherit the wealth left by Maradona? No one can say for sure what he will do after leaving the post. But in his personal life, he has got close to many. One can try to find out who can inherit his wealth as he is.

Diego Maradona

Claudia Viafein

Maradona has had a relationship with Claudia since she was 16 years old. He was his wife from 1989 to 1998. Claudia has witnessed the rise and fall of Maradona, who has seen him win the World Cup. However, many people know that the relationship between the two ended quite badly.

Dalma and Gianina

Dalma and Giannina are the children of Maradona and Claudia. Many people think that their lives are also affected by the bad consequences of parental relationships. But Maradona loved his two children dearly.

In addition to Dalma and Giannina, Maradona has 3 more children. They are Hannah, Diego Jr., and Diego Fernando. However, Maradona had no relationship with the mothers of these three children.

Maradona’s girlfriends

Maradona did not have a long relationship with Veronica Ojeda, the mother of the last child. Earlier, he had another girlfriend named Rocchio Oliva. Maradona has had a good time with Oliver in Dubai, Buenos Aires, and Mexico. However, no child came into the lap of this couple.

Matias Morla

He was Maradona’s assistant. What he will do after leaving this post is still unknown to everyone at the moment. However, Diego believed in him and was one of Maradona’s last witnesses.

Leopoldo Luku

Maradona’s physician. Luku failed to manage him at the last minute while in the operating room. It has become quite controversial since he posted the latest live picture of Maradona.


He was thought to be Maradona’s personal assistant, Mollah’s half-brother. Although he thought he had a bad relationship, he thought of himself as very close to Maradona. Maxi was by his side all the time, especially during Diego’s hard times. It was time to stay home on the day of Maxi’s death.

Jonathan Esposito also has a nephew named Diego. He may also be a partner in the assets left by Maradona.


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