To be famous, the woman had falsely accused Babar of rape

Hamiza Mukhtar had made horrific allegations against Pakistan captain Babar Azam in early December.

Calling a press conference in Lahore, the woman alleged that Babar Azam had promised to marry her and raped her. The Pakistan captain even forced her to have an abortion because she had a child in her womb. Later, Babar also threatened to kill him.

Despite the horrific allegations, the woman, who identified herself as a classmate of Babar’s school, has finally lifted all her allegations.

Babar Azam

Pakistani media reported today that Hamiza Mukhtar had raised allegations of sexual harassment against Babar, saying she had no relationship with the Pakistan captain in the past, not yet.

Pakistani journalist Saj Sadiq posted a video on Twitter today. There, Hamiza is seen signing an agreement in front of Mukhtar’s lawyer.

Later the lawyer read it. The lawyer told the media that Hamiza Mukhtar had made such serious allegations against Babar at the instigation of some friends.

The lawyer read out a statement withdrawing his complaint, saying, “I am making this statement without any pressure. Some friends told me to make false accusations against Babar, he would become famous. If I make such a complaint after that, appropriate action should be taken against me. ‘

Earlier on Thursday, after hearing Hamiza’s allegations, Additional Judge Mohammad Naid directed the Nasirabad police to file a case against Babar. Last December, Hamiza made several allegations against the Pakistan captain in court.

Babur or ‘tortured him by trapping him in love’. This woman helped him financially when he was struggling to get up in cricket. Meanwhile, Babar’s lawyer said that Hamiza Mukhtar was blackmailing his client and demanded Rs 45 lakh to drop the complaint.

Later, the woman got down from there and demanded Rs 10 lakh and finally Rs 2 lakh.

Babar’s lawyer further claimed that Hamiza Mukhtar had blackmailed Babar once in 2016 as well. Babar could not play any match in the New Zealand tour due to injury.

He started practicing this week. Now in front of him is the home series against South Africa. The inaugural Test will be played on January 26 in Karachi. In addition to the two Tests, South Africa will play three T20s.

Hamiza Mukhtar alleged that Babar was sexually abused while living in New Zealand. Babar has not yet commented on the allegations. At the time the complainant claimed this woman had been shot near her car to threaten her!

Claiming to be Babar’s classmate, the lady said Babar had a relationship with her before her cricketing career pale.

He had earlier complained about the police alleging illicit sexual intercourse, abortion, and harassment from Babar. But the police did not accept his complaint.

But now he has cleared up all the issues by himself.


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