When will Suarez play with Messi again?(Updated)

Neymar has expressed his hope. I want to play with Lionel Messi next season. The jersey seemed to belong to Barcelona whenever the two stars were mentioned together for so long. However, if the two are seen together again next season, it may be seen in the PSG jersey. For some time now, the club in Paris has expressed its desire to buy Messi in various ways.

When it comes to the best trio in football in the last decade, another name is bound to come up with Messi-Neymar – Luis Suarez. The three have played together in just three seasons. At that time, the friendship of the three was felt well on and off the field. Messi-Suarez’s friendship has deepened since Neymar left Barcelona in 2017. The two have dragged Barcelona to another three years after losing to Neymar. That season is also over. Suarez has left Barsa.

Messi Luis Suarez

Messi-Neymar reunion is always heard. Since only six months have passed since the separation, perhaps the question has not arisen yet. But will Messi and Suarez ever be seen together again? Suarez himself answered that question.

Although he left Barcelona, ​​Suarez did not leave Spain. The city has moved to Madrid instead. Atletico Madrid’s jersey is shining again. Despite playing for the rival club, Messi did not have any scratches about the Uruguayan striker. Yet his good relationship with Messi is evident in his recent interview.

Two days ago, Barcelona wrote the story of a great return to the Copa del Rey. Suarez spoke to Messi shortly after the match, saying: “I spoke to him this afternoon. He is very excited about last night’s victory. He’s playing great. He is the extraordinary player in the world. ‘

Suarez has had to leave Barcelona this season. Messi wanted to walk the path of a friend, but Barcelona did not allow it. Given the situation, Messi could be seen in another team next season. The dream of seeing Messi retire in his jersey is not likely to be fulfilled by Barcelona. In that case, there is a possibility of a reunion of Messi and Suarez? Suarez does not see the hope, ‘Messi will retire whenever he wants. It will be in Barcelona, ​​or Argentina, or somewhere else – Messi will decide. Maybe the two of us will meet again in a friendly match. ‘

Although he did not say much about Messi, Suarez spoke openly about his transfer. His departure from Barcelona this season was not a happy one. Suarez was pushed out of the neck. Suarez was shocked by his departure from Barcelona, ​​saying, “When Barcelona said I don’t need them anymore, it was a very difficult time. I didn’t expect it. The way it was handled made the whole thing a lot harder. (Barsa coach Ronald) Coman called me and said, “I’m not in his plans.”

Even then the drama did not end. Suarez first tried to go to Juventus. But that did not happen due to visa complications. Then try to go to Atletico. The Barcelona board wanted to get in the way again. But Suarez interrupted by threatening to divulge the terms of the deal, saying, “When Barcelona officially told me I didn’t need them anymore, I started talking to Atleti, Cholo (Simeone), Miguel Anhel. Not only Juventus, but many clubs have also shown interest. I wanted to make the right decision. Which is useful for me and my family. ‘

Atletico has benefited from Suarez’s transfer. Despite playing one match less than Barcelona in the league, the team is at the top of the league by 10 points. Suarez tops La Liga with 14 goals Suarez is now an invaluable weapon to Diego Simeone. The Uruguayan sees Simeon’s contribution to his form, saying, “He is one of those coaches who has earned your trust with his will, his positive attitude, and his possessions. I like to have confidence in what a coach is trying to explain, rather than what the style of play is. Simeone is a coach who speaks to the players on his own, inspiring. I never want to be a coach, I have to work hard and not keep everyone happy. ‘

All coaches realize that not everyone can be happy as a coach. Ronald Coman is not getting the love of such fans as Barcelona coach. In particular, the decision to leave Suarez to his rivals without giving him any chance is hurting the Catalans.

Koman also acknowledged that his decision to leave Suarez was wrong, but said: “It’s part of my job. You talk to the club. When I came to Barcelona, ​​I gave my opinion. I got some information from the club and made a decision. You have to make these decisions. If it works, that’s fine. And if that’s not the case, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. It would have been better if Luis Suarez had gone to Juventus instead of Atletico because now he is in the Spanish league. But we have to make such a decision. Tough decision, but showing respect to the players is an important decision. I still think that decision is right. ‘

Whether the league title goes to Barcelona or Atletico Madrid, the decision will be judged right or wrong after watching it!


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