Winning 1000 matches is something special (Updated)

Rafael Nadal sits next to Roger Federer for the record for most Grand Slam wins in men’s tennis since winning the French Open in Paris last month. This time the Spanish star touched another magical number in that Paris. King of the Red Fort won his 1,000th match as only the fourth male player in tennis history.

Nadal beat compatriot Feliciano Lopez 4-6, 7-6 (7/5), 6-4 in the second round of the Paris Masters yesterday. But there was complete silence around the court at that historic moment. The Paris Masters of the Hard Court is a witness to the spectator’s gallery.

Rafael Nadal

Only Lopez shared the opportunity with Nadal. Of course, the rival players do that at the end of every match. As soon as Nadal got the match point, Lopez came forward towards the net. Sareen Lopez did the congratulatory episode by combining the wrist with the wrist without the usual handshake.

Such a great achievement, but no one is present to witness it — the whole thing seemed a little different to Nadal. At the end of the match, the owner of 20 Grand Slams said, “The real feeling, the personal feeling is completely different. Playing on a zero court makes a big difference. I know one thousand is a special number. The celebration is different in a field without spectators, but it is nothing special. ‘

Most match wins in men’s tennis

Player                 wins

Jimmy Corns      1274

Roger Federer    1242

Evan Lendl         1068

Rafael Nadal      1000

Giermo Villas      951

Tennis legends like Jim Connors, Evan Lendl and Roger Federer have already reached the milestone that the 34-year-old Nadal has reached. Jim Connors has won the most 1274 matches. Federer has won 1242 matches, Lendl 1068.

After winning the thousandth match, Nadal took a picture with 1000 written placards in front of the net. That’s all there is to celebrate. Nadal then left the field like in other normal matches.

Nadal won the French Open last month at Roland Garo. Nadal touched the milestone of the thousandth victory at the Bersi Arena in Paris. Nadal Federer’s record in Roland Garo touched thousands of spectators.

Nadal won the first match of his professional career in May 2002. Nadal, 15, lost to Ramon Delgado of Paraguay in Mallorca. A year later, in the second round of the Monte Carlo Masters, Nadal lost to then-French Open champion Albert Costa. Nadal won the French Open for the first time in two years and became the champion.

Those who have lost more to Nadal

Opponent         match

Novak Djokovic     27

David’s return       26

Roger Federer       24

Thomas Bardich    20

Stan Vavrinka       19


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